MGMT – Saturday Night Live – “Flash Delirium” & “Brian Eno”

MGMT got the chance to perform on Saturday Night Live last night. They did “Flash Delirium” and “Brian Eno”. “Flash Delirium” video is below:

How do you think they did? I thought they did a great job, especially since I remember them being not so great live. I actually haven’t gotten to listen to their album “Congratulations” yet (it’s on my list of things to do, okay) so I hadn’t heard “Brian Eno”. At the end when they all start banging the instruments around I was like “…what?” but then I was like “I kinda like this.” Haha. MGMT has often made me feel that way.

Video of “Brian Eno” after the jump! Leave a comment telling how you think MGMT did last night.

“Brian Eno”

  1. I thought they were really good last night. And I really like their album!

    • I’m picking their album up today. I heard two songs off it a while back but then I got distracted from hearing the rest. Haha.

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